Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Love Affair

Apparently, I'm having a love affair with St. Luke's. This is a love affair that I'm not exactly happy with, but can't seem to let go of. As if 2 weeks (plus a weekend) wasn't enough of a stay there, my body decided to give me another reason to go back.

Saturday evening around 6:00, I felt a sharp stabbing pain clear from my sternum through the center of my back. At first I thought my back was out, so I asked Scott to try to pop it for me. I laid on the ground on my stomach and thought I was going to die! Soon the pain spread throughout my rib cage and up behind my chest... It felt like my rib cage was squeezing my insides to death. Was I having a heart attack? My right arm felt fine, so I determined that wasn't it.

Scott call his mom and asked her about it and we all figured it was really bad upper indigestion. She suggested laying flat on my back. It should have passed in about an hour, but it didn't. I fell asleep and woke up around 8:30 and felt semi-relieved of the pain, but as soon as I got up to use the restroom, it immediately returned. Bound and determined to not return to good ol' St. Lukes, I decided to try an epsom salt bath to relieve what felt like intense muscle pain in the back part of my rib cage.

Well, the bath didn't really help either. I went in to bed and asked Scott to bring me some water thinking that would help with what felt like an extreme hunger pang. That was the biggest mistake yet! After sipping the water, all I could do was rock back and forth on the bed in extreme pain. I begged Scott to come and massage my back (he didn't need begging, but I did it anyways), as I sobbed uncontrollably. Nothing gave me any comfort!

Scott called his mom again, and she then said it was probably my gall bladder and we should go to the hospital. So, Scott dragged my stubborn self to the emergency room and his wonderful parents met us there to take little Jayna for the night.

After painful poking and prodding and an ultrasound, they determined it was definitely my gall bladder. They gave me some Morphine to help with the pain, told me to take the pain killers I still had from my c-section, and sent us on our way. They told me who to call on Monday and said I'd probably have to get surgery.

We got home around 2:30 am and went straight to bed (I slept until noon). Luckily, when I woke up the pain was almost completely gone and I didn't have to take any more medication. After doing a bit of research, I purchased some natural remedy stuff for gall stones to hopefully prolong surgery, since we don't exactly have $10,000 right now.

Hopefully, this will be the end of my love affair with St. Luke's! It's hilarious to me that I've never had any major issues in my life and haven't even really had to go to a Dr. for anything, and now all of a sudden, I've had to have multiple stays at the hospital.

I will say this: I've been really struggling to get back on the bandwagon since having Jayna, and this was definitely my wake-up call to get my butt in gear to get healthy again. Good times! Good times!

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  1. Oh man girlfriend. I can't believe all the health related troubles you and Scott have had since getting married... I'm glad you were able to find some answers though!