Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Sunday, October 28, 2012

First trip to Grandma Cox's

We went to Twin Falls this weekend to attend Lance and Becky's Halloween party. It was great! They have the best decorations (and house to compliment them) ever! Kempton and Bonnie were also there and got to meet Jayna. We had a very fun successful weekend.

Successful was not what I thought would happen, however. Jayna had to have her immunization shots on Friday morning, and the night before she acted like she really didn't feel well. So when we were at the Dr's office and the nurse came in, I expected the worst. The nurse was the fastest I'd ever seen giving 3 shots. Of coarse, the first prick sent Jayna into a screaming fit that matched none other, but immediately after the bandaids were placed and the nurse handed her to me, she was fine. What? My daughter? Amazingly enough, she didn't get sick or anything afterwards and actually slept all day... AND... (ready for this?) She slept from 1:00 am until 10:30 when we finally woke her up to eat. Unbelieveable!!!

Then we assumed that was all from the shots, but she was great all day Saturday, slept the whole night (minus one 15 min feeding at 5:15) and was great today! Could it be she's finally past her colicky period?! I sure hope so... I hope it's not just the fact that she's putting on a show for Grandma. ;) I love the cute stage she's in!

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