Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Please say it's not a fluke!

The last few nights have been both frightening and wonderful all at the same time. Frightening because I can't help but wonder if I'm sleeping right through Jayna's cries for help, and wonderful because we've actually been getting some sleep.

Like I said in my previous post, we've started switching Jayna back to a heavier formula. She seems pretty content with half and half, so that's what we're sticking with for now. She slept every three hours or so Wednesday and Thursday nights with a few rough spots. However, Friday we tried to keep her up most of the day (which wasn't hard because she was fussy anyways), and that night, after a long struggle to get her down, she actually slept for 5 hours. That's right! We got her down at midnight, she slept until 5, then again until 8, and we both finally woke up for the day at noon. Yep! I slept right through conference and everything and didn't even feel guilty because I needed that sleep soooooo badly! It was wonderful!

So last night I had a long talk with Jayna and told her that the previous night's schedule was quite blissful and told her that it would be most appreciated if she would repeat that. Well, she showed me! We struggled until 1 am and I was worried that Friday night's sleep would have to hold me over until Sunday night's. Guess what? She slept from 1 until 7:15!!! I couldn't believe it! I woke Scott up and asked if he had heard her during the night, but he hadn't... nor had I. I ran in there with a 4 oz bottle (she normally drinks 3), worried that she would be so hungry I wouldn't be able to calm her down enough to eat. Surprisingly enough, she was pretty calm (just a bit fussy). We changed her diaper and calmly ate all 4 ounces of the bottle. Unbelievable!!!

It's now almost 11 and she's just now waking up again! Now, I just need to get her to sleep from 9-9 with a break in there somewhere, and we'll be golden :)

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