Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doctor gasps

Doctor gasps: something I'm definitely not used to and something you pretty much don't want to have happen at a Dr's appointment. I'm not generally a fan of going to the Dr. In fact, I always have nightmares about going to the doctor's office and having them gasp at something that is so abnormal it can't possibly be human.

However, over the past nine months, I've outgrown this fear and absolutely love my visits with my OB/GYN... She's absolutely wonderful and always makes me feel totally comfortable! She's probably one of the nicest/friendliest doctors I've ever encountered and I absolutely trust her.

So, today was my postpartum visit and I really had no idea what they would do at this visit. Much to my (unpleasant) surprise, I found out I had to have a "full exam", if you catch my drift. Well, Jayna was having a rough time and I was stressing trying to get her calmed down, all while in a gown with my butt hanging out (although they were totally patient with us). After getting her calmed down, I laid on the table to meet my fate of the day. My doctor pulled the sheet back to take a look at my incision scar... AND SHE GASPED!!!

I freaked out, immediately picturing the worst possible scenario. I don't make a habit of digging through my rolls of fat to look at my scar, but it has felt fine so I've not worried about it. Once she gasped, I immediately thought that I must have torn open my wound and would have to get re-stitched or something. Then I worried about how this would affect my upcoming gall bladder surgery. Of coarse this thought process and all my worrying happened in a split second... After she gasped, I practically screamed, "What's wrong?!"

She started laughing and said, "I'm sorry! I must have scared you to death! I don't normally gasp, but I've never in my career seen anyone heal up so nicely! I can barely even see your scar! It looks amazing!"
I let out a big sigh of relief and laughed and told her of my past nightmares, where gasping was never a good thing. She laughed until she was practically in tears. I love to make people laugh, so I felt pretty good about my ability to make a doctor laugh so hard... I almost felt better about that than the fact that my body healed up so nicely. Yes, I'm a nerd!


  1. hahahaha that made me laugh too!!! A gasp is never good...except in your case!! Good job healing so nicely!!

  2. I LOVE Dr. Anstine! I was so grateful that she ended up delivering my baby...did not want an oncall doctor. She is soooooo wonderful!!!