Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day & Jayna stats

Jayna had her "6 month" appointment on Friday, though she turned 7 months today. Everything is looking really good and she's developing as expected. They said she's on the low end of milk consumption and sleep, but still doing fine. That's right, my child still won't nap, but luckily she makes up for it at night. Her measurements were as follows:

  • Height 25.75" (30th percentile)
  • Weight 14 lb 6 oz (8.6th percentile)
  • Head circumference 42.5 cm (36th percentile)
There ya go... She's long and skinny with a larger head. Just like her daddy... Haha! The nurse said, "How can you have such a skinny baby with such huge cheeks?!" Hehe! She should have added "cute" to that! Funny enough, I don't realize how big they are, but they seem to be the number one thing people talk about... I recall people talking about my cheeks too. Sadly, mine never went away... They're not so cute anymore.
At 7 months, Jayna's personality and energy are shining through. I'm a little concerned when she becomes mobile because her energy doesn't end, which is why she rarely naps. New things include:
  • Two bottom teeth are completely through now... and one of them is crooked. Haha! So cute!
  • She does "riverdance" all the time. Her upper body is completely stiff while lying on the floor while her legs are going a million miles a minute. Once her legs are kicking, she's totally winded and sounds like she's running a marathon. It makes me laugh.
  • She loves to grab her feet and roll all around the floor.
  • She now loves her oatmeal, but hates her peas-pears-parsnips combo. We're trying new things :). She's also very independent and likes to "feed herself". Let's just say most of her food ends up in her hands and down her front.
  • She is extremely extroverted and no longer entertains herself in the living room while I teach... She has to be in the studio with us, singing along. (I'll have to figure something out for this... she sings louder than my students!)
  • She's getting more and more dark hair in every day. (The only thing she got from me.)
  • She will turn herself in a clockwise motion if left on her belly, which she still hates.
  • She continues to win the hearts of all of my students (yes, including the boys) and others she comes in contact with. She's a total ham and charms her way through life.
We got her this cute little St. Patty's Day outfit for her 7 month "bday". She looks pretty darn cute! I love that this outfit shows off her one little fat roll on her legs. Hehe!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Here and There

Random thoughts and stories:

  • I got the most adorable video the other day of Jayna laughing hysterically... Sadly, my blog is not letting me upload it, so ya'll are missing out!
  • Because of hospital bills, we've been stressing out a bit financially. Tonight, as I was teaching, the doorbell rang and by the time I got to the door nobody was in sight. There was an envelope on our doorstep with our name on it with the exact amount we needed to cover this month's hospital bill. Whoever you are, you are Heaven-sent and we can't thank you enough! Neither of us are good at accepting gifts and are very humbled at your kindness and generosity. One day, we will pay it forward!
  • Last week, Jayna and I went to our first official accompanying gig since I quit Boise State. It was for Timberline high school students at district solo festival. One of my students agreed to watch Jayna while I played for the other students. Let's just say that Jayna was the life of the party... Everybody mauled her. She was so exhausted that night from it all that she only made it half-way through her bottle before passing out. Normally she finishes and we put her in her crib while she's still awake. Not that night.
All ready for our first gig

All tuckered out

  • We started introducing Jayna to oatmeal a week or so ago and she hated it. She now has a bottom tooth (like that has anything to do with it) and all of a sudden turns into a ravenous beast anytime I try to feed her... She just can't get it in fast enough! Needless to say, every feeding is followed by a bath. She's getting so big and changing so much I can hardly believe it!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Proud moment

So I'm taking this opportunity to brag on myself. I rarely do this because lately, I haven't felt I have much to brag about (other than my adorable baby, but she's all Scott). So, as you all know, I've been really struggling to find any motivation or willpower lately as far as eating healthy and exercising. In fact, my friend who is 9 months pregnant and already in labor is the one dragging me out on walks... Thanks April ;).

Well... Tonight Scott and I were not planning to go out like we usually do on Friday nights because his mom (who usually watches Jayna for us) is ill and Scott is, as well. So I decided that I would continue my super healthy trend that I've had for all of 3 days. However, at about 6:00, Scott said "Let's take Jayna and go out tonight... We haven't been out in a while."

This is where I need to let you in on my psyche... I have willpower to eat healthy until someone or something (commercial, billboard, etc.) suggests otherwise. (Yeah. Great willpower!) It's pretty pathetic! Once even the thought of fattening food or ice cream enters my head, I truly cannot get it out until I've eaten such crap-o-la. So, of coarse, when Scott suggested we go out, I immediately thought of pizza, breadsticks, hamburgers, fries... you name it! Here's where the first proud moment enters. We went to the mall and Scott wanted to get a steak sandwich and fries, which sounded incredibly divine! What did I do? I got steamed rice, green beans, and chicken!!! Yay for me!!! I was so dang proud of myself I could hardly contain it. (It's the small things, folks.)

Don't worry, it doesn't end there. We then walked around the mall for a while and ended up burning 700 calories... that's right, 700! Then when we left, Scott said he wanted to go to Baskin Robbins. Dang it! Ice cream?!?! Well, I can pass on BR, but usually when he goes there, I go to DQ and get a yummy Blizzard. So after he finished his ice cream, I told him I wanted him to take me to DQ. While on our way I TALKED MYSELF OUT OF IT!!! Can you believe it?! I can't either! I talked myself out of ice cream after I had made my mind up that I wanted it. I can count on one hand how many times I've talked myself out of something after I had my mind set on it... and most of those times was when I was at my healthiest and junk food made me feel like crap.

I know this whole entry seems stupid, but I seriously am so proud of the fact that I passed on two opportunities to eat bad. I feel so good about myself right now based on these pathetic little decisions! I feel good because I've reminded myself that I feel good when I eat well and that I can turn things down. Had I caved on either of these decisions, I would have less energy, would be feeling down that I was "weak" again, and would be going to bed worried about weighing in tomorrow. Now, I feel awesome! I'm excited to weigh-in and I feel good that I won a battle against my own brain :)!

Good night all!