Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blessing Day

Today was Jayna's blessing day. Scott delivered a beautiful blessing... I'm kicking myself for forgetting a notebook to write down the key points, but I remember some of them. As per my recollection, he said that we are so happy and blessed to have her in our lives. He said we are aware of the challenges of life that would come before her, and he blessed her to be able to develop early in life the faith and testimony to prepare her for those challenges. The blessing also advised her to draw strength from those that came before her, and to serve as an example to those that come after her. It also said something along the lines about the need to be aware of those around her and to lead by example, by having love and empathy towards those around her.

Man, I wish I would have recorded it! It really was a beautiful blessing, and very specific to what I feel Jayna's strengths and weaknesses will be. It really opened my eyes and helped me to see the potential that Jayna has in life. I'm so wrapped up in her being a baby, that I rarely think about the person that she will become... the BEAUTIFUL person she will become!

We were so happy to have so much of our family and friends there to support us! The following are pictures at the luncheon after the blessing.

All tuckered out and ready to eat! This is the same blessing dress my sisters and I wore on our blessing days.

My beautiful baby girl (looks just like daddy!)

How she was most of the time I was trying to get her picture... I love how huge her newborn tights are on her. Hehe!

 We look super tired in this picture... because we are! I got 2 hrs of sleep and Scott got about 5.... Rough night (yes, I had another gall bladder attack... 3 days until surgery)!!!

 Bakers (Pa, Ma, Nick, and Scott)

Scott created a kid's room in our unfinished basement... It was a hit! They were entertained and the adults were able to chat with little disruption! Way to go, Scotty!

Lesley Durfee and Stephanie

Her eyes look possessed in this one... Haha! My camera is terrible for red eye!

Lesley's daughter, Alexis (Lexi)

Ma and Pa Cox

Cameron Durfee, Conrad's butt, Allison, and Lance (lookin' special)

Ann and Sydnee

Becky and Kimball (though he's hidden)

Cozy Pa Cox with Jayna

What a great day!!!


  1. And I like Lance's picture....not! I should know its just routine for him to act that way around a camera. So dumb!