Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ramblings and New Year's Resolutions

  • After our scare with Jayna, my awesome sister, Stephanie, purchased us a video and movement monitor. It is awesome! It detects Jayna's breathing and if there's no movement within 20 seconds an alarm goes off. We sleep ssssssoooooo much better now! I'm not constantly waking up to go check on her anymore and I feel like a new woman because my sleep isn't constantly being interrupted with worry. Thanks Steph and Conrad!
  • Christmas was great this year. We spent a lot of time with family and were beyond blessed in the gift department! We're particularly excited about the video camera from Nick and Lydia... Can't wait to get lots of good videos of Jayna :) We got some great gift cards, money, electronics, clothing, kitchen items, disposable items (which I hate buying, so we love them as gifts), etc. We're blessed to have very giving parents and siblings! They all helped out tremendously with Jayna, who got crankier and crankier as time went on. She missed her daddy a lot (he couldn't make the trip to Twin Falls) and was probably over stimulated considering she went from 2-3 people to 7-21 people... Kind of a big switch for her.
  • We're continuing to battle our hospital bills and on top of it, had to get Scott's car fixed (about $1200). We know that everyone has to battle these kind of expenses, so we're just taking it as it comes... I get a little dramatic about it whenever my hormones flare up, but such is life. Haha!
  • I'm absolutely loving this cold weather, unlike everybody else in the world! Ever since getting pregnant, I've not been able to cool down. My last day in Twin Falls, the weatherman said it was 2 degrees outside. As I loaded my car, I kept intentionally walking in deep piles of snow in my flats with no socks because it felt so dang good to me! I think my internal temp is way too high! Hopefully it regulates sooner rather than later.
  • I get really excited at the New Year. I'm a huge fan of New Year's resulotions! Though I rarely keep them to the end of the year, I feel it provides me a great start and I'm a better person, even if I only keep them a few short weeks. Here are my resolutions:
  1. To only watch 1-2 hours of TV a day. I started watching quite a bit of TV when I was on bed rest and continued whenever I fed Jayna. Then I started just leaving the TV on. Boo! There is soooo much crap on TV and I used to not watch it at all... I didn't even have an antenna! I realized recently that though I'm not watching the TV a lot of the time it's on, Jayna is soaking up everything that she hears. Bad mother of the year! No more of that!
  2. To update my blog once a week. I've been much better about journaling since starting my blog, but I want to make sure that I continue to capture moments as they happen, no matter how seemingly mundane.
  3. To exercise the equivalent of walking 1 mile a day. This seems so lazy seeing as I used to walk a minimum of 5 miles a day, but I'm learning how much more difficult it is to get exercise in with a child... especially since I can't take her out in this cold weather. Not to mention, I'm way out of shape now. I'll probably increase this goal as I go. If I can't walk my 1 mile, 30 minutes of indoor exercise can replace it. This also means that I can skip a day and do 2 miles the next day. I've made a chart with 365 boxes that have to be checked off by the end of the year.
  4. To take my vitamins every day. I feel so much better and more energized when I take them!
  5. To try to get to my pre-marriage weight by the end of the year... that's 43 lbs away. Just less than a pound a week. Totally achievable, but I'll have to work hard.
  6. To be prepared for my Join Our Journey meetings by researching, preparing, and creating valuable and motivational ideas.

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  1. Jerusha, buy yourself some Leslie Sansone videos. They are great. After I had knee replacement I used them as therapy and they really helped with getting my knee working properly. She counts off the miles and she has 1-5 mile workouts. She does things for upper and lower body and you can do as little or as much as you want.