Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here and There

There's no specific reason for this post. From now on, rather than calling it "Ramblings", which I stole from my sis-in-law anyways, I'm going to call it "Here and There".

  • We finished the lighting in the kitchen and it looks soooo much better! It's amazing how just changing out some old, ugly, big lights makes such a huge difference!
Again, here's the before
 and here's the after.
I like it so much better! 
  • Since I've married Scott, he's often joked about me gaining a child rather than a husband. Hilariously enough, I feel like I now have 3 children instead of one. That's right... Scott being my first child, Jayna being my second, and Scott's friend Cory being my third. Think I'm joking? This is what I see just about every Saturday...
I just laugh because they remind me of a couple of 8 year old boys all excited about their football game. Usually Jayna just stares at them, but was actually playing when I took the picture.
  • Jayna rolled over for the first time this week (actually second time, but the first time was just an outburst of rage)! Once she got onto her belly, she was so mad that she cried herself to sleep almost instantly... She abhors being on her stomach. It was so funny! I was super excited and was congratulating her and shouting hooray, but she definitely didn't join in on the enthusiasm. She hasn't done it again, I think because she really doesn't want to end up on her tummy. I need to force her to do more tummy time so she can roll over onto her back, but her little stomach is so sensitive that she throws up almost every time I put her on her tummy.
  • Jayna must be hitting yet another growth spurt... she has been sleeping all the dang time. I'm not complaining because I can get a lot done, but I must say I miss playing with her while she's asleep. She is so fun right now... she giggles all the time and is so responsive! I just love her to death!
  • We got her this adorable little hat to wear out in the cold... well, I think it's adorable. Scott apologizes to her every time we put it on for putting her through public humiliation. You can judge for yourself, but I think there's nothing cuter!

You can't tell me that's not adorable!!!
  • I just can't believe how much she's grown recently! I see newborns at church and can't remember when she was that little, and they're almost twice the size she was at birth. Crazy!

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