Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This post is mainly going to be about my "eating right" woes, so if you're not interested, quit reading ;).

It's funny to me how different it is trying to lose weight with a skinny-mini husband and baby in the house. Don't get me wrong, the first time I lost all my weight it was really difficult. I never allowed sugar in my house, I would only allow myself to eat out about once every 3 months (and even then I tried to make it healthy), and I exercised practically every single day. Not only did I exercise, but I walked a minimum of about 5 miles a day. Keeping meticulous track of what I burned and ate, it still took me 6 years to lose 116 lbs. That's right, no miracle story of losing over 100 lbs in a year. My body has always seemed to be reluctant to lose weight. Sadly, even though I tried to convince myself and others that my main motivation for weight loss wasn't to draw in men, deep down inside it was. I was lonely, knew I had a lot to offer, but could never get a date because I didn't find myself beautiful enough (and men didn't either).

Now that I've got an incredible husband that still loves me even though I've gained back 70 lbs, I'm having a very hard time finding my motivation. Though I want to be healthy and a good example for Jayna, I just can't get jump started! There are many factors that make it much more difficult now:

  • I have a husband who can't gain weight, and to say he's addicted to sugar is an understatement. Needless to say, there's always sugar in the house... Something I have a very hard time combating, though I'm getting better at it. (I make him keep all of his stuff in his cupboard, which I'm not allowed to open.) He also loves to eat fast food... something that never used to tempt me. Sadly, if someone else is eating something, I feel left out if I'm not eating it too. Stupid, I know, but this is something I have to overcome somehow.
  • It's negative degrees outside. Walking has always been my way to get fresh air and exercise all at the same time... something I need to feel better and more energized. Before, I would go out in the cold anyways (if you know me, you know I love the cold). However, I can't take little miss Jayna out in this weather and by the time Scott gets home it's dark outside.
  • I've forgotten how much less energy I have when I'm heavier. Some days, it feels like I'm lifting 1,000 lb legs... no joke. I know that the only way to combat this is to make myself move so I can start losing weight and gain my energy back.
  • Every time I go to set a meal plan and schedule, Jayna has something else in mind. Many days, I don't get around to eating until about 2 pm because my cute little munchkin can be a bit high maintenance. I'm trying to come up with quick fixes that can be eaten with one hand.
I know it seems as though I'm dwelling on the negative, but these are legitimate concerns/problems. I've tried many things to try to motivate myself:
  • Looked up motivational quotes and ideas on pinterest.
  • Wrote my own motivations down and read one every day.
  • Forced myself to exercise when I absolutely didn't want to.
  • Tried to get creative with healthy recipes.
  • Renewed my BodyBugg subscription so I'm motivated to move more.
  • Set a schedule for laundry and housework.
  • I'm trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Am trying to be a better wife and mother.
I think that when spring hits and I can get out of the house a little more often, I will feel better and more motivated. Until then, I will continue trying to find indoor motivational tools :s. Yay for the lifelong battle of weight management. If you have a high metabolism, be grateful!


  1. Ugh. It is definitely a life long struggle but it is a struggle that I would definitely choose over some other trials so I guess we can look at it that way. Hang in there.

    1. Truism! I'm actually doing much better motivationally speaking. I miss your comments on my other blog ;).

  2. Sorry I haven't been commenting on your other blog. I was anti computer for a month because of my vertigo issues (and looking at a computer screen makes it worse). And now I'm just being lazy but I know I need to get back at it.

    1. Boo! I had no idea you were having vertigo issues again! I'm sorry! If you're feeling better, you should come up to Boise in May and do the Idaho Potato race with us. We're trying to get a team of 10 together to do it. Details are on my other blog. I'm walking it, so you should walk it with me :). I'm aiming for the half marathon, but may end up doing the 10k. Come on, you know you want to :)