Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Scott Story

So the other night, I came into our bedroom around 3am after feeding Jayna, only to find that my pillow had been viciously stolen by my husband.  Though the act was vicious, I (being the nice person I am) didn't have the heart to retaliate by rudely awaking him. So I tried as quietly and nicely as I could to wake him so I could have my pillow back. He only woke up about a quarter of the way and I asked him if I could have my pillow back. With a VERY confused look on his face, he said, "Sure." and handed it over. Then I asked him where his pillow was. Even more confused by this question than the previous one, he said (with a very perplexed face), "I don't know!" We looked around for a bit and soon discovered that he was hugging it. Then he put it under his head and went back to sleep.

Last night, I remembered this story, which was really hilarious to me for some reason. So, of course, I told Scott the story (with extra exaggeration, because that's my style) and was laughing the whole way through at his expense. Getting frustrated with my amusement, Scott said, "Hey! I'm going to wake YOU up around 2am and ask YOU really difficult questions!!!" (Like "where's your pillow?") At this, I really lost it... I couldn't quit laughing for like 20 minutes! My throat hurt, my stomach hurt, all my insides from surgery hurt, but it was all worth it! It felt good to laugh like that... It's been way too long! (He was laughing too.)

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