Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Friday, September 14, 2012


Jayna is 4 weeks old today!!! Time sure flies! I feel like I've gotten nothing done this month, thinking "Well, I just had a baby!" Honeymoon phase, if you will... Even when it comes to Jayna, I feel like I'm behind! I've not gotten to take her on any walks yet, she hasn't gone to church yet, nor has she gotten to meet my BSU family. Worst of all though, is she just now experienced her very first bath! Being as she's been on monitors since we got home, I'd not gotten the opportunity to give her a real bath until this week. Let's just say this new-found task is not cherished by my little one. She hates being naked, hates being wet, and hates being cold!

However, we sure did enjoy the cuddle time afterwards :)

We also got a visit this morning from my sister Allison and her cute little daughter, Haylee. Haylee LOVES the camera and insisted I take a few pictures, so I did... Pretty darn cute!

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