Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crazy Week

Well... I started off my week with yet another kidney stone attack. This one lasted for 14 hours and pain meds did nothing... Probably because I kept puking. By Monday at 4am I was feeling "better", though my body ached like crazy. I sure wish they'd just pass already, rather than just put me in pain all the time! Nonetheless, I was able to go play for about 12 students at district solo festival and they all did pretty well. Jayna was a champ being towed around everywhere with these high-schoolers. They all absolutely loved her and mauled her so much that she kept getting a little over-stimulated. I'd have to remind them to back off a bit, but over-all she did really well.

Then, late Tuesday night, I noticed that little miss thing had a tooth that had broken skin. I thought she had been the most amazing teether ever until today... she was CRANKY! I guess it's worse once they break through? Makes no sense to me, but she sure has been in pain today... Orajel was not her favorite thing.

She has been eating oatmeal and is doing quite well at it. She, of coarse, sucks it off of the spoon, rather than  letting me put the spoon in her mouth, but gets the job done either way.

We weighed her again the other night because everyone has been commenting on how much bigger she looks just in the last week. This time Scott weighed her and she was only 14 lbs. I believe this weight more than the 15 I weighed her in at a few weeks ago. I think the scale is more accurate with less weight, so we'll have Scott weigh her from now on. Her 6-month appointment is in a few weeks, so then we'll know for sure where she sits... I hope she hasn't lost weight the last week!

Scott is now sick with a sore throat and we're praying that Jayna and I don't catch it. I've got a busy month in March playing for high school concerts, festivals, and judging scholarship auditions and don't have time for illness. The thought of almost having to cancel because of my kidney stone attack stressed me out enough.

We get to go to Twin next weekend, which I'm excited about because we haven't seen my fam since Christmas. Before having a baby, that didn't seem like so long, but in baby years 2 months is a long time!
We're hoping all illness and pain will subside by then :).

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