Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Friday, December 21, 2012

Baker Christmas and other things

We are finally getting back to normal after last week's scary episode. We all actually slept through the night last night... and boy, did we need it! We have been one cranky household this week! I've been sick with a cold and Jayna hasn't been sleeping as well as she was. I think she's still a bit traumatized from last Friday.

Scott has been having issues with his TERRIBLE management at work. For instance, he got in trouble for the 3rd time today concerning a client that is not even his... that he's never met before! What I'd like to know, is how on earth can a company survive with the incredibly poor organizational skills they practice?! Poor Scott loses sleep every time his supervisor freaks out on him, and 90% of the time it's their own fault, but they'll never take responsibility. Why should they when they can blame everything on the PSR's (even when it involves a client that isn't even their's)?! I'm so done with this company and I'm not even the one that works for them! We're praying Scott can get a new job soon so he can quit this circus.

On a brighter note, Jayna is developing faster than I ever imagined. Just this week, she's started noticing everything around her and has so much energy that she doesn't even want to eat half the time because she's looking around at everything. She finally loves sitting in her vibrating chair that has little toys hanging above it. She was entertained for 2 hrs yesterday in it! I couldn't even get her to sit in it last week and she'd have nothing to do with the toys. She's also moving all around the place... on her back. She refuses tummy time, but she scoots herself all around the room on her back. She's giggling and cooing like crazy and we're loving every minute of it :).

After our rough, cranky week, I was wary of having our Christmas today because we weren't much in the Christmas spirit. However, after staying up until 2 am finishing a Christmas project, I got much more in the mood and celebrating our little family Christmas today was/is just what the doctor ordered. We are in such a better mood today and are now looking forward to spending time with those we love!

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