Baker's Partial Dozen

Baker's Partial Dozen

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend and Halloween

Jayna and I left to go down to Provo this last weekend to her little cousin, Addie's, baby blessing. We stayed with Grandma Pay and had a nice time. It was nice to get out of the house for a little while and see family.

A few things that were definitely confirmed to me this weekend about Jayna were:

  1. That she is entertained by electronics... and only electronics. I was not allowed to get on any of my electronics because they immediately were stolen by my daughter and it didn't matter that we packed any toys for her, because she only wanted to play with Grandma's remotes. 
  2. That she is a real trooper. She had to sleep in not one, but four unfamiliar places. Though she didn't sleep well, she was only grumpy part of the time. Another reason she probably didn't sleep well was because she cut FOUR molars while we were gone. Poor girl... AND she did it without anything to relieve the pain. Also, she had to sit in a car for a total of 15 hours. I was antsy and I don't even come close to having the amount of energy she does!
  3. That she is a total extrovert! She LOVED being around people, especially her cousins! Unfortunately, all pictures and videos that I got of them playing were on my phone, which I can't upload to my computer (Yes, my daughter will far surpass my electronic abilities). My mom did send me a picture of Jayna, Isom, and Addie (in her beautiful blessing dress made out of her mom's wedding dress), but Jayna is grumpy in the picture because she had to have the camera. Haha!

    The sweetest thing happened on the ride back to Twin Falls, from Provo. I was talking to Scott on the phone and put the phone on speaker so he could say hi to Jayna. She got the biggest frown on her face and grabbed the phone and pulled it in as close as she could to her face (as if it would bring her daddy to her). She cried and cried. Therefore, I cried. It was so sad and sweet all at the same time. I'm glad she has such a great daddy :).

    I did capitalize on the fact that Jayna wasn't 100% to get in some great cuddle time :). I really enjoyed being able to spend some time with my family and especially little Jayna, even though I got very limited sleep.

    This trip really helped me to unwind a lot and I'm feeling better about life. In fact, as soon as I got home I found out that we are not getting any back-pay through unemployment and that the money I thought we were getting for back-pay is actually the total amount he can receive through unemployment. However, I didn't have a breakdown or anything. I've decided it is what it is. If we end up having to sell our home, we have to sell our home. I'm praying it doesn't get to that point, but I know we have plenty of people that love us and will never let us live on the streets.

    On a brighter note, the night we left for our trip was Halloween, so we did dress up and go to a trunk-or-treat. Here's Jayna's cute little costume from her Grandma Baker.

    I can't believe how fast she's growing up. She's starting to say new things and often says things that resemble "here" and "I'll get it" and she's says them when she's handing you something or when she throws something across the room and we say uh-oh. She still isn't walking or showing any signs that she has the desire to... I'm thinking she'll just be a late bloomer in this category. I'm not too upset about it though ;). A) Because I already have a hard time keeping up with her and B) because her doctor says that crawling is better for babies neurologically than walking, so if she crawls for a longer period of time, it will help her brain function even more. Regardless, I love my baby girl!

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  1. Ah, look at her hair, she finally has some! :) So glad you got away for a bit, that always helps.